How to Embed a YouTube Video Into a PowerPoint Presentation

July 1st, 2012 | Posted in PowerPoint Tips

Embedding a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation is simple. By inserting the YouTube video, you can make your PowerPoint presentation much more entertaining and informative to its viewers. Below are some simple steps to embed a YouTube video for online viewing of your PowerPoint presentation.
Embed a YouTube Video to PowerPoint with internet connection during presentation.
Embed a YouTube Video to PowerPoint without internet connection during presentation.
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Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2010/2013
Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2007
Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2003
Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint Mac

Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2010/2013

1. Go to and move to the video you want to embed to PowerPoint 2010. Below the YouTube video, click Share -> Embed -> Use old embed code. Then copy the embed code from the Embed Field to your clipboard. It would be displayed like below:

2. Return to the PowerPoint 2010 presentation in editing. Go to the slide from which you want to play the YouTube video. Select Insert -> Video -> Video from Web Site….

3. When the Insert Video From Online Video Site dialogue box appear, paste the Youtube embed code to the blank and click Insert. Then a black rectangle object is displayed, indicating that the YouTube video is embedded.

IMPORTANT: The embed code method for inserting a Youtube video won’t work out when you use the Insert Media Clip button on a slide. You can only embed a YouTube video with the Video button in the ribbon.

To view the video, press F5 or click Slide Show -> Start Slide Show > From Current Slide. You will see the video with playback options and a controller bar, the same as it is shown in the YouTube. Click the Play button to start the video as you do in YouTube.

Video guide

Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2007

1: Get URL of YouTube video

Move to the video in YouTube. Click the “Share” button below the video, and click Options, then check the option Long link. Now you can copy the URL to clipboard.

The URL should be like this for example:

Now you should make some adjustment to the URL. First delete the string “watch?”, second replace sign “=” with “/”

So the final URL should be like this:

Step 2: Insert the ActiveX Control Shockwave Flash Object to your PowerPoint

First turn on the Developer Tab on the Ribbon by clicking on the Microsoft logo at the top left of the window and selecting PowerPoint Options all the way at the bottom of the menu. Next put a check next to the unchecked item to show the Developer Tab.

Click on the icon  with the tools on “Control Toolbar”, a cascaded list will appear, scroll down the list until get to Shockwave Flash Object item and click this item. Then the ActiveX Control is inserted successfully

Step 3: Add the YouTube video link to your PowerPoint

Right click the ActiveX Control Shockwave Flash Object, select” Properties”, there will pop up a window.

On the “Alphabetic” tab in properties window, click the “movie” item, in the value column (the blank cell next to “Movie”), input URL of the YouTube video.

Step 4: Fine tune YouTube video in your PowerPoint file
You can set specific options for how the video played in the slideshow, do the following, and when you have done, close the Properties dialog box.

Since the video file from YouTube has a Start/Pause control built into it, if the Playing property is set to True,you can set it False to disable the Start/Pause control

If you don’t want the video be played repeatedly, in the Loop property, select False (click the cell to get a down arrow, click the arrow, and select False)

In the EmbedMovie property, click True, you can embed this presentation to another computer. Of course, in order for the YouTube video to run, the Shockwave Flash Object control still need be registered on any computer that runs this presentation.

With the slide displayed in normal view, click the Slide Show button in the lower left of the PowerPoint window (or press F5, or, on the Slide Show menu, click View Show) to run the YouTube Video.

Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint 2003

Embed A YouTube Video to PowerPoint Mac

On Mac, PowerPoint can only embed video from files on the computer. In order to embed YouTube content, the user must download the video from a third-party website. Remember to include the video file when transferring your PPT file on a flash drive or other device.
Step 1: Download YouTube video to your local drive

  1. Visit the YouTube video you want to embed in PowerPoint Mac. Copy the web URL of the page.
  2. Go to and paste the URL into the textbox. Then click “Download”.
  3. Click “Allow” in the applet prompt.
  4. Click to save the video as MP4 format.

Step 2: Inert the downloaded video to PowerPoint Mac

  1. In PowerPoint, select “Insert” -> “Movie” -> “Movie from File…”
  2. Select your file in the file browser. Make sure to enable “All Files” in the dialogue box at the bottom of the window. Then click “Insert”.
  3. Your video is added. Adjust video settings in PowerPoint.

Tips & Warnings
  • This only works if your computer is online. If you want your video to work offline, you need to download it to your computer and change it to an flv file using Video Downloader and SUPER.
  • Please make sure your computer can play flash vide. If not, you need to download an Adobe Flash-player freely from
  • Don’t download a video unless you have permission from the copyright holder. All videos on YouTube are copyrighted by the owners.

Embed a YouTube Video to PowerPoint without internet connection during presentation

If you don’t have internet connection during the presentation, then you should download the video from YouTube to your local computer for embedding into the PowerPoint.
1. Download a YouTube video to your computer
There are many YouTube video downloader programs, and here is the recommended one.
YouTube Downloader
It can help you download and convert YouTube video in any other formats like WMV which is best compatible with PowerPoint.
2. Embed the video into PowerPoint.
Take PowerPoint 2010 for example:

  1. In Normal view, click the slide in which you want to embed a video.
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Media group, click the arrow under Video, and then click Video from file.
  3. In the Insert Video dialog box, locate and click the video that you want to embed, and then click Insert.

Video Guide